Mourouk Ebony Hotel now gives way to PLAY mourouk
Opening 2023: new identity & new concept

Built in 1994, the Mourouk Ebony Hotel has now closed its doors 27 years later. Several months of renovation and expansion work will allow the hotel to go from 32 to 66 rooms. The common areas will also be renovated, including a new bar and a panoramic restaurant. The hotel will reopen in 2023 to welcome Mauritian and international travellers.

Keeping the iconic red roofs & the authentic atmosphere

All the focus of architects and designers has been put to keep this warm and friendly atmosphere so special to those who know well the place. Its red roofs and creole architecture are part of the Rodriguan heritage, and the PLAY concept will marry this so typical local culture with a new young, trendy and active touch. While remaining in the family 3-star category, the PLAY mourouk will move upmarket in terms of watersports and activities made available to its guests.

The destination at the heart of the concept

A small hidden paradise, Rodrigues has a lot to offer travellers fond of authentic destinations. Its immense lagoon, its high viewpoints, its caves, its typical landscapes and its welcoming population make it a truly unique place to visit. With the implementation of many sports activities such as electric bikes, guided hikes and sailing school, the PLAY mourouk will therefore invite its future customers to approach the island as a real playground.

Closer to nature

Regulars will tell you, Rodrigues island is a haven of peace. Time stands still and travelers live to the rhythm of the waves and the wind. The island is home to biodiversity that is still preserved, thanks to the efforts of the government and the local population. Like the destination, the future PLAY mourouk therefore wants to be resolutely greener in its operation and hopes to help make travelers more aware of environmental issues. Replanting endemic species and corals are on the long list of actions, and with its new kids club, the ambition is to disconnect the youngest from screens through many outdoor activities while raising their awareness to important causes like the damage of plastic pollution or to the observation and protection of animal species present in the region.

Welcome to kitesurfing paradise!

Kitesurfing is at the heart of the concept of PLAY mourouk. The reason is simple, Rodrigues is probably one of the best kite spots in the world with more than 300 windy days a year and a huge lagoon. The objective of PLAY mourouk is to establish Rodrigues as a must-see destination for fanatics of this board sport around the world. To do this, the hotel chose Louka Pitot as the brand and destination ambassador. This professional kitesurfer of Mauritian origin and specialist in freestyle, will know how to make Rodrigues shine in the various competitions of the world circuit.

Let's keep in touch

2023 seems like a long time, but rest assured that we will meet in Rodrigues very soon for another amazing kitesurf season!  While waiting, you can follow the evolution of the project on our social media platforms below or shoot us an email if you want some more information.

And until then, make sure to keep playing!

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